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Free Online Dating Sites

                Why use a free online dating site?  To find the right person for you without being committed to sometimes large monthly membership fees.  Rather than limiting yourself to a few blind dates here and there, you open yourself up to a wider range of possibilities. There are people out there that want to meet you – you just have to find them. Free online dating sites are an excellent vehicle to get to your perfect match. But all seriousness aside, free online dating sites are a great way to avoid awkward blind dates. You know what that’s like: not fun. Whether you’ve experienced a bad blind date or heard the horror stories, it’s something you typically want to avoid. That’s when joining a free online dating site comes in handy.

The engine that drives dating sites is the quantity of people using the site. The more people that are in the program, the more likely you are to meet a match. Unfortunately some cost a pretty penny. But  free dating sites are where it’s at. Don’t be fooled into joining one with a fee when you can join one for free. The trick to getting the most out of the online dating experience is signing up for multiple free dating sites. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The more free dating sites you join, the wider exposure you have to other singles.

                Another important aspect of free dating sites is your profile. This is what people see. Your profile is your first impression. You may be tempted to idealize yourself, but you don’t want to lure in someone that is not compatible. Too, you want to make sure what you’re saying is something that your ideal mate would be interested in. Also, always upload a photo.

                Your photo also says a lot about you. Do not put a photo up that is not you. This just makes sense if you plan to go on a real date with someone you meet online. Imagine how hard it would be to find your online partner had he put up a photo of his WoW character, or if she had put up a photo of Betty Boop. Although cartoons can say a lot about a person, it’s not a good representation of who you are in the free dating site scene. Also, it’s statistically proven that people are more attractive when they smile. Resist the urge to upload that photo of you with your arms crossed, indifferent. People want to meet someone who looks like they care – so say cheese! For women: don’t put up the glamor shot. It’s proven that the handheld, casual snap-shot tends to reel in more fish. This should come as no surprise – people are more interested in seeing what you are actually like, not how you dress on special occasions.

                Free dating sites sometimes offer different means of communication. Remember your netiquette when talking online via instant messaging or email. The way you write reflects who you are. Avoid excessive abbreviations and attempt to spell as well as you can. You may even want to look into using a browser like Firefox that has spell checking for everything. It helps save face quite often. Also, try your best to communicate clearly. Sarcasm is nearly impossible to detect via the written word, so always clarify when you’re joking. It may seem obvious to you, but your online dating partner might take it literally. You want to leave a good impression when communicating on free online dating sites.

                You also want to avoid unsafe behavior. You know how your mom used to say, “Don’t talk to strangers?” Well, you’re obviously going to break her rule when you are trying to find a partner, online dating site or no. But you can at least talk to strangers safely and cautiously. Try to be aware of ulterior motives. If you can, try to meet your free online dating partner in a public place with someone you already know. Try to make a double date out of it, even. Always make sure you have your own transportation, money, and cell phone. Be prepared and bring some pepper spray.

                But enough scare tactics. You are online, searching for a potential mate, staying positive and confident. But what kind of person do you want to lure in? There are many niche-specific online dating sites you can join for free. When you’re searching for a site, use keywords specific to what you’re looking for. Age range, nationality, religious affiliation, and sexual preference are good descriptors to find the free online dating site for you. But remember, discrimination will narrow your chances of finding someone who appreciates you for who you are. Keep an open mind, and you will fare well in the online dating world.

                Here’s a list that’s by no means all-inclusive, but contains a smattering of good free online dating sites:

  • Plenty of Fish – Largest free dating site
  • – free to join, excellent site design
  • Mingle2
  • PerfectMatch – free compatibility profile
  • LavaLife – free to join, search, communicate and flirt
  • – free to join
  • AshleyMadison – free to view swap photos and view profiles
  • FriendFinder – free to join, view photos, profiles
  • BlackSingles – niche-specific: ethnicity
  • ChristianMingle – niche-specific: religion
  • – niche-specific: religion/ethnicity
  • – free registration and communication, upgradable
  • – completely free to join
  • eHarmony – it’s free to join and look at matches

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